NTRK Experts

We are extremely grateful to a world-leading group of experts, familiar with NTRK gene fusions, who have generously volunteered as medical advisors to the NTRKers.

United States


George Demetri, MD

Director of Sarcoma Center

Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

Boston, Massachusetts


Alexander Drilon, MD

Chief, Early Drug Development Service

Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

New York, New York


David S Hong, MD

Deputy Chair, Department of Investigational Cancer Therapeutics

MD Anderson Cancer Center

Houston, Texas


Sandra Montez, RN
Research Nurse Supervisor
MD Anderson Cancer Center
Houston, Texas


Francis Worden, MD, Professor

Medical Oncology, Internal Medicine, Pediatrics

Head and Neck oncology, thyroid and adrenal Cancers

University of Michigan Medicine

Ann Arbor, Michigan


Noah Federman, MD

Director, Pediatric Bone and Soft Tissue Sarcoma Program

UCLA Medical Center

Santa Monica, California


Ted Laetsch, MD

Associate Professor, Pediatric Hematologist-Oncologist

Director, Developmental Therapeutics Program

Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

Philadelphia, PA


Steven Waguespack, MD

Professor, Internal Medicine and Pediatrics

MD Anderson Cancer Center

Houston, Texas


Latin America

Fernando Santini, MD

Associate Attending Physician, Thoracic Oncology

Hospital Sírio-Libanês

São Paulo, Brazil



Jo Ballot

Clinical Research Manager

Cancer Clinical Research Trust

Dublin, Ireland


Antoine Italiano, MD, PhD

Head, Early Phase Trials and Sarcoma Units

Institut Bergonié

Bordeaux, France


Ulrik Lassen, MD, PhD

Head of Oncology, Translational Research


Copenhagen, Demark


Ray McDermott, MD, PhD, MBA

Clinical Professor in Medical Oncology

St Vincent’s University Hospital

Dublin, Ireland


Jesus García-Foncillas Lopez, MD, PhD
Director of Oncology
University Hospital “Fundación Jiménez Díaz”,
Madrid, Spain


Patrick Pauwels, MD, PhD
Professor in Molecular Oncopathology
Antwerp University
Antwerp, Belgium



Francois Doz, MD, MS

Professor, Pediatrics

Paris Descartes University

Deputy Director, Clinical Research and Innovation

Curie Institute

Paris, France


Cornelius Van Tilburg, MD

Senior Physician, Pediatric Oncology and Hematology

Head, Early Phase Clinical Trials

KiTZ Clinical Trial Unit

Heidelberg, Germany