NTRK Gene Fusion Cancer

Genes instruct the production of proteins to keep our bodies running.

A NTRK gene fusion in cancer, which can occur in different locations in the body, is like the accelerator getting stuck, causing cancer cells to multiply.

NTRK genes normally play an important role in our bodies. However, in NTRK gene fusion cancer, part of the NTRK gene splits and binds with a different gene, creating a ‘NTRK fusion oncogene’. NTRK fusion oncogenes produce abnormal ‘TRK fusion’ proteins, which help rewire normal cells into cancer cells and drive cancer growth.

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What Are Gene Fusions?

How do NTRK gene fusions fuel cancer growth?

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NTRK Gene Fusions Can Occur Across Many Tumor Types But are More Frequent In Rare Tumors

NTRK gene fusions are more likely to happen with rare tumors, like salivary cancers, some childhood sarcomas and some extremely rare breast cancers. But they can also happen in a small percentage of more common tumors, including lung, thyroid and colon cancer.

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