NTRK Testing, Knowledge & Support

Our goal is for every adult and child with cancer, driven by NTRK gene fusions, to have the best chance of living life to the fullest.

Never Alone: Testing. Knowledge. Support.

We UNITE people affected by NTRK gene fusion cancer worldwide. By collaborating with the wider cancer community and sharing our experiences, we seek greater:

  • Awareness and knowledge of NTRK gene fusions in cancer
  • Diagnosis and testing for NTRK gene fusions
  • Access to ongoing research and treatments
  • Support and education for patients and care partners

Check out our webinars, blogs and resources. We’ll continue to update these services with our members and Facebook community.

The NTRKers group is run by NTRKer patients, care partners, clinical experts, and advocacy group leaders.

illustration of patients on steps
Board of Directors
  • Susan Spinosa President

    Patient Founder

    NTRK Facebook Support Group

  • Sandra Montez, RN Vice President

    Research Nurse Supervisor

    The University of Texas, MD Anderson Cancer Center, US

  • Keith Taggart, JD Secretary

    Patient and AACR Scientist-Survivor program nominee, US

  • Brianne Rodriguez Treasurer

    Patient, US

  • Jesus Garcia-Foncillas, MD, PhD Chair of Medical Advisory Committee

    Director of Oncology

    University Hospital “Fundación Jiménez Díaz”, Madrid, Spain

  • Amy Moore Board Member

    Vice President of Global Engagement and Patient Partnership


  • Marcia K. Horn, JD Board Member

    President and Chief Executive Officer

    ICAN, International Cancer Advocacy Network

    Executive Director

    Exon 20 Group

  • Miranda Bowman Board Member

    Parent/Care Partner, US

  • Kayley Leeds Board Member

    Parent/Care Partner, US


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