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NTRK Patient Community

NTRKers unites and supports people affected by cancer with NTRK gene fusions.

We are a growing community of patients and loved ones who aren’t afraid to ask questions. We work closely with medical experts and patient advocacy leaders to improve knowledge, testing and research for NTRK fusion-positive cancer. Changes to the NTRK gene can cause normal cells to transform into cancer cells no matter where they are in the body. Although rare, both adults and children are affected.

We are stronger together.

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Our stories: Living with
NTRK fusion-positive cancer

‘Diagnosed at different ages and with different tumor types, we share the same goal – to improve our future and to help others’.

What is NTRK Fusion-Positive Cancer?

A NTRK gene fusion in cancer is like an accelerator getting stuck, causing cancerous cells to grow.

NTRK (neurotrophic tyrosine receptor kinase) genes have an important part to play in all our bodies. But in NTRK fusion-positive cancer, part of the normal NTRK gene splits and binds with part of a different gene, creating an altered new gene, a so-called ‘NTRK fusion oncogene’, which can cause cancer growth.

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